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Keep Deer Away from your Trees

Truly amazing! We live along a National + State Forest filled with deer

Never could have a flower garden – before Shake Away we couldn't keep deer away even with a make shift fence and a dog – they ate the flowers down so much we wouldn't have any blooms on the flowering plants. Hostas were their lettuce salads! Now we have a beautiful garden full of follage and flowers. I can't wait to see the day lilly's bloom and the hostas get full – we thought we could never have a garden like this because of all
the wildlife (that we love, just not in the garden). Thanks for a great product – it really works! Linda Morris Nashville, IN

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I live near a forest preserve, and have herds of deer wander up my driveway, eating their way and through my backyard.

White-tailed deer are creatures of habit, so once they find a buffet they keep coming back. I had to break that pattern. Early in the spring, I sprinkled Shake Away all around the plants they love to eat – and they don't like it! It not only keeps them from chewing the plants, it thought them that my yard isn't the great meal they were used to. I also like the fact that Shale Away lasts through several rains. Peggy Simonsen Palatine, IL

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I recently purchased the Shake-Away to control deer and raccoons.

I am proud to say it works wonders. I'm recommending it to all my friends. Thank you for creating a great product. Jennifer Patterson Mt. Alto, WV

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I have a garden for my fresh vegitables, I noticed the leafs and vegtibles are getting eaten.

I found out it was deer and rabbits, and I order Shake-Away for my problems, I used as directed and my problem was solved. Thanks Shake-Away! Shay Roberts Crawfordville, FL

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For years we have been overwhelmed with the nightly visits from deer. I had just about given up on gardening.

I had tried liquid repellents but with rains and sprinkler system they didn't work very well. With Shake-Away repellent and the length of time it lasts for me, I can have a schedule for applications. It works! The deer and rabbits are staying away.Thanks! Norma Thiel Chesterfield, MO

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We have had continuing problems with deer in my wife's flower garden and porcupine damage to her potting shed and our garage.

Two applications of your Shake-Away products have solved the problems. We will continue to use your products in the future. They have worked for us.Thank you. Paul H. Platt South Salem, NY

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Last fall the deer ate everything in my late garden except the onions.

I was reluctant to even try a spring garden but decided to order your deer repellent and give it a try. My early garden came up and looked good then the deer found it. I immediately put out the repellent packs and have not seen any new tracks for about a week. I have to conclude that the repellent is doing it's job. Carl G. Dodson White Hall, AR

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For 25 years I have been providing a free "salad bar" for the deer and rabbits in my property.

I would awaken in the morning to find my hostas and impatients gnawed completely to the ground. I am thrilled to report that for the first time – after 2 applications of Shake Away – I can enjoy my morning coffee and gaze lovingly at a beautiful border of hostas and colorful pots and gardens of impatients smiling back at me. Sorry deer but thank you Shake Away! Nancy S Woodrow Willow Grove, PA

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We have always enjoyed the wild life in our neighborhood, especially the deer, so much so we actually purchased a deer feeder for our back yard.

Even though we became tired of spending a lot of time and money, we continued to plant and replant the flowers in our yard, only to have the deer eat them too.

Unfortunately the time has come to sell our home and we would like to have the flowers in full bloom – un-eaten by our friendly neighborhood deer!

Being nature lovers, and having family pets, we did not want to harm any of the animals, just deter them away from our flowers. Critter Repellent not only attracted us because it is reasonably priced, but it is guaranteed and most importantly organic and SAFE! In less than a month of using Critter Repellent, we have noticed a difference. While we still enjoy watching the deer they now only pass by our back yard without stopping to snack on our flowers. We once again have beautiful flowers in our yard. Thank you to Critter Repellent! Renee Sheehan Gainesville, FL

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I had a severe problem with deer prior to your product.

I had tried every home remedy recommended to me plus products on the market. After researching my problem on the computer, I found your web site. I ordered your Shake –a-way for deer and needless to say my fruit trees, garden and yard plants have not been bothered by deer. I watched a deer come in my yard and it immediately turned and left. Thank you for such an excellent product. Joseph Barone Milledgeville, GA

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This year I grew the most wonderful garden of daisies, roses, wild flowers, strawberries, peas, broccoli, lettuce, spinach and carrots;

I didn't lose a single plant or bloom to the black tail deer or raccoons that are seen almost daily in our neighborhood. This is the first time that has happened and I know it is because I used Shake Away. My neighbors have even asked me how I have kept the deer out of my yard. I told them about Shake Away and when I refilled my supply recently one of my neighbors asked me to add a bottle to the order for him. Thank you for making this gardening season a success. Charlie L. Orsburn Pacific Grove, CA

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We live in rural Southeast Ohio where there are many deer and other small animals.

After we planted some small pines the deer began rubbing their antlers on them and killing the trees. The deer also did this to a lovely dogwood, natural to the property. When we started using Shake-away around these trees the deer stayed away, and the trees flourished. We highly recommend this product to everyone. Sincerely, Nancy Miller
Guysville, OH

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For several year I have lost many plants and flowers to deer, raccoons, squirrels and opposums.

I live on acreage where that's just life. I tried every natural remedy suggested from old wives tales to natural concoctions to "deer proof" plantings. Nothing ever worked.

Pepper sprays and even pepper granules didn't work and spray urines got more on me than on the affected area of plantings and didn't last long enough to help. I've used Shake Away as recommended for two months with nearly perfect results. I'm very happy and will continue to use it all season. Pam Lee Liberty Hill, TX

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After I planted my garden last year I had deer pulling up my tomatoes.

Rabbits on my lettus and carrots destroying my garden. This year I heard from a friend about Shake Away and found out it worked. It took care of my problem. In a way it trained the animals to stay clear of the area cause I had a great year without the deer and rabbits although they had been seen by neighbors and they got damage I didn't and plan to purchase more this year. I'm sold! Dennis Paddock Mexico, MO

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One of our neighbors actually feeds the deer corn at night and says that way they won't eat her bushes

well, then the second course is, of course, our bushes and plantings. I used the deer Shake-Away since May just as the directions said and we have not had any damage. My neighbors have!! But they stay away from my hosta, impatients, vinca and azaleas. Thank you very much! My wallet thanks you also. Marilyn Zimmerman Pinehurst, NC

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I am So Happy That Our Flowers Will Not Be Eaten This Year

We live in the DC metro area. Who would imagine that we would have a deer problem? For the past 5 years, we’ve tried many different methods to keep the deer away. No success. I found Shake-Away and am pleased to report that it’s working. We have not seen evidence of deer and we are very pleased. I am so happy that our flowers will not be eaten this year!
Amy Brand – Centreville, VA

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The Deer Were Passing Right by the Garden

My neighbor couldn’t understand why the deer were passing right by the garden on their way to the woods behind our houses. “Coyote Urine” I explained. He was impressed! My peas, carrots, raspberries and beans have been spared.
Judy Asselin – Cheyney, PA

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At One Point We Counted 14 Deer Eating At One Time

This winter we had 13 inches of snow – The deer devoured my landscaping they waited until we cleared our yard of snow, they ate up everything! (At one point we counted 14 deer eating at one time) I received my Shake-Away it has been 3 weeks, not one deer in sight. I’ve passed your information to my neighbors and co-workers who have been having problems with other animals. I’m thankful for this product. I have a few cats I need to send on vacation (smile) they seem to love my yard.
Esther Glover – Accokeek, MD

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Something That Works & is not Harmful to the Wild or Environment

Thanks you (FINALLY) something that works & is not harmful to the wild or the environment. I have 2 gardens & a lot of deer and raccoons in my surroundings. Now we can all live in harmony together. I would advise people to try your product. It’s just common sense to do things the NATURAL way as God intended. Thanks again for a wonderful – working product which I highly recommend to anyone. Keep up the “good work”.
Frances Walp – Camden, TN

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I Tried Many “Deer Repellent” But They Never Worked

I had lots of deer problems since I moved in the new house two years ago. I tried many “deer repellent” but they never worked. Trees were hit by deer and flowers were eaten. Since I used the Shake-Away a couple weeks ago they didn’t touch my tree or flower beds. Thank you!
Andy Wong – Austin, TX

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We Just Followed the Instructions with Great Success

I have lived at present address for 5 years in the spring deer eat our flowers and shrubs. In the fall we have an apple tree and they are in the yard every evening eating apples from the tree. My wife ordered coyote urine. We have beautiful flowers this spring an there has not been a sign of a deer in our yard. We just followed the instructions with great success. I have told several friends about your product.
O. Robert Twigg – Cumberland, MD

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We Get Hit 3 Times – Spring – Summer – Fall

Deer - We live in the most beautiful, quiet rural area just outside of Maple Valley & just above the Cedar River. Hmmm! A little over an acre with pasture, green lawn and we love to plant everything! Especially trees. To plant and watch a young tree grow tall is heaven. To pull in your driveway after work and see them chewed up – well – leaves a real hollow feeling. We tried everything, sprays etc. No luck, hollow points? We get hit 3 times – spring, summer & fall. We put out the pouches & have had no deer – they just stay away – what a great feeling – a great product.
Randy & Marsha Jones – Maple Valley, WA

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Deer Ravaged Our Yard

Deer ravage our yard (trees and flowers) each spring. After putting fencing around everything in sight, I decided to search for a product that would repel deer naturally and without harm to them. I tried Shake-Away and after about a month, I noticed that they were remaining at a distance and some of the un-fenced vegetation was still intact.
Cynthia Sullivan – Buena Vista, CO

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