Deer in your Yard? Keep Deer Away with Deer Repellent Packs

Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

Keep Deer Away from your Yard and Landscaping with Deer Repellent Packs

Deer in YardAre you tired of waking up in the morning to find your trees skirted, your azaleas trampled and your corn stalks downed and harvested? Your months of hard work can be decimated by the nightly visits of an Odocoileus virginianus, AKA, a White Tailed Deer. Too cute to shoot and too large to ignore, deer represent an age old problem for many a backyard enthusiast. If you live in deer territory you need the most effective deer repellent you can find. Shake-Away Deer Repellent Packs are the answer. Deer Repellent Packs are effective, easy to use and economical and will repel deer from your yard.

Deer Fawn in Yard

Repelling deer from yard areas is handled easily by Shake-Away. Taking a cue from nature, the packs contain a powder that has been bonded with the scent of the deer's most feared predator, the coyote. Here is how it works. Predators use the scent of their urine to mark territories and repel other animals from encroaching on their food sources and mates. Potential prey animals have learned to recognize these scents as a means of self preservation. By capturing this scent in powder form, deer repellent packs capitalize on the natural, instinctive reaction of the deer to steer clear of a predator, keeping your yard safe from a very large and very hungry mammal. Deer repellent packs are not only effective, but are easy to use.

Other deer repellent products come in many forms. There are liquids that spray on and electrical devices that deter. They make the foliage, fruit and bark taste bad, or smell even worse. Some work by causing the animals' momentary pain in the hopes that they won't return. Deer Repellent Packs are different and offer you the easiest method to keep deer out of your yard.

Deer Repellent Packs

Deer repellent packs from Shake-Away are self contained, unlike other repellent products. All you need to do is locate a place near the trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, etc. that need to be protected from a hungry deer, hang the pouch using the twist ties contained in the one piece, no assembly required design and walk away. No mess. No foul tasting harvests. It is that simple.

Repelling Deer from yard and gardens without breaking the bank has never been easier. Our patent pending formula lasts 90 days before they need to be replaced making the packs the most affordable deer repellent products on the market. Keep in mind, too, that unlike other yard pests, deer do not hibernate and will use your unprotected yard as a grocery store year round, destroying your young trees and shrubs without you being aware of it until the spring thaw. This will not be a problem if you safeguard your yard with Shake-Away. Our weather proof packaging allows for use year-round, even in the coldest climates. You won't find a more economical, cost effective deer repellent, guaranteed.

Try our product risk free. If you are not 100% satisfied with Shake-Away Deer Repellent Packs we will refund your purchase price in full!

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