Deer destroying your Shrubs? Keep Deer Away with Deer Repellent Packs

Keep Deer Away from your Shrubs

Repel Deer from Shrubs and Landscaping using Deer Repellent Packs.

ShrubsKeeping deer away from shrubs has become a critical effort of many a landowner who happens to live in an area with high deer populations. Given a choice, deer enjoy a smorgasbord browsing style. Most species can eat the equivalent of 7 heads of lettuce, or 21 small apples, or almost 5 quarts of strawberries in one sitting. To make matters worse, shrubs are one of the few food sources available year round. Don't let your shrubs become a year round stop for your local deer populations. Shake-Away Deer Repellent Packs will keep deer away from your shrubs by using the most effective, easiest and economical deer repellent available, and that is guaranteed!  

Effectiveness is the key to any deer repellent. Shake-Away uses the strongest force in nature to achieve unsurpassed results. You could try planting shrubs that deer do not want to eat; but a hungry animal won't pass on sustenance because it shows up on some "do not prefer" list. You could also use a repellent that uses foul tastes and odors to repel deer from shrubs. In the end, a hungry animal won't worry about how something tastes, only that it is food. Effective deer repellent needs to use something far stronger than a concoction of spices.

Shake-Away Deer Repellent Packs utilize the strongest forces in nature to keep deer away from shrubs -FEAR. Contained within its all-weather mesh pouch is a patent pending powder that holds the scent of coyote urine, a known predator to deer. When the shrub destroying animal smells the coyote urine they will be convinced that a coyote is lurking nearby. Fearing attack, the deer will seek safer locations leaving your shrubs safe and protected.

Our formula triggers the deer's instinctive fear of predators with an easy to place, mess-free pouch. Simply hang the quick tie packs from a branch of the shrub or shrubs you want to protect and walk away. It is that simple and it's economical, too. Leave the packs in place for up to 90 days to protect your shrubs from deer without breaking the bank!

Deer Repellent Packs

Deer in Yard and ShrubsDeer feed year round and shrubs are most vulnerable in the winter when other food sources are scarce. Deer Repellent Packs maintain their effectiveness year round making it the most versatile deer repellent for shrubs.

Shake-Away will repel deer from shrubs without all the mess and hassle of other types of repellents. Look at the benefits:

  • Is mess free-no mixing, spraying or assembly required.
  • Lasts up to 90 days.
  • Can be used year round.
  • Is guaranteed to work or your money back.
  • You will not find a more effective, easy to use and wallet friendly product to keep deer away from shrubs.


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